Our Mission To lead a movement towards the eradication of child poverty from Canada. 

Starts With One believes in a holistic approach to the alleviation of poverty, and thus when combatting child poverty in Vancouver and Toronto we choose to support parents with supplemental income and children with educational opportunities.
— Jan Lim, President of the Board

Our Vision A community where all children can grow in the equitable environment they deserve. 

2015 child poverty bc Report CArd // First Call Advocacy Group British Columbia

Our Impact  Starts With One has raised over $20 000 to combat local child poverty since 2014. 


Starts With One is currently focussed upon the development of innovative programs with families and educators in Vancouver and Toronto. Through supporting local charities such as Mom to Mom Vancouver and establishing One to One Canada, Starts With One hopes to make a difference in the lives of financially disadvantaged families.


Our Partnerships Starts With One is honoured to work with these organizations in Vancouver, BC.

Sir William MacDonald Elementary

Located in the heart of inner-city Vancouver, Sir William MacDonald is an Aboriginal Focus elementary school that provides invaluable education to an upwards of 100 students in need. In November 1996, Vancouver Elementary School Teachers’ Association (VESTA) declared MacDonald a “school in crisis.” To this day, the elementary is in dire need of basic resources for their students, such as funding for rain ponchos and the provision of field trips. By raising funds and organizing school trips, Starts With One hopes to vastly improve the quality of education for the students at Sir William Macdonald Elementary.


Mom2Mom Child Poverty Initiative Vancouver

Mom2Mom is a community-based organization focused on improving developmental outcomes for children living in Vancouver's inner city. Through compassionate and respectful mentoring, M2M volunteers help and support mothers to parent their children and provide them with the tools they need to be successful. They pair women who want to help with women who can benefit from their mentorship, and focus on the provision of not only the basic necessities but also the extension kindness and compassion to women who may not have had enough of that. In addition to fundraising for Mom2Mom's existing programs, Starts With One hopes to connect with the youth of each of Mom2Mom's families and pioneer a youth-for-youth mentorship program. Currently, SWO is in the process of planning a holiday skate for the families of Mom2Mom.

Our Initiatives The One to One Program aims to revolutionize access to extracurricular activities for passionate students in Vancouver and Toronto. 

At Starts With One, we believe that equitable education is the foundation to the achievement of our better society. As a result, The One to One Program for academic enhancement was founded in March 2016 by the executive team of Starts With One and a group of dedicated students at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School.
With the prevalence of unequal educational opportunities for students in Vancouver, Starts With One noticed that the disparities within our society were only being augmented. 

One to One aims to give our community’s youth equal opportunities for academic enhancement by providing students with high quality extra curricular service programs at absolutely no cost to their families. 

Professional tutors, teachers, coaches  and qualified student instructors in Vancouver and Toronto are connected through One to One with students who are deserving of their services. 

Starts With One fully subsidizes the cost of all extracurricular programs for One to one students. 


Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
— Anthony J. D'Angelo